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treatment and training

To strengthen and balance the physical posture


Hi, my name is Daniel Maximov

Most of my life I suffered from chronic back pain...

Movement limitations and emotional depression...

All this happened because

At the age of 16, I grew unexpectedly

30 cm in 30 days

And my spine is locked (scoliosis) .

From then until today I research, study and practice many methods and approaches to restore balance to the body, mind and emotions:

I studied sports therapy, fitness training, mindfulness, psychology and NLP .

And today, 15 years into the journey,

I am proud of him that I succeeded!

I overcame the scoliosis, pain and depression. And I restored to myself the balance, the laughter and the color back to life!

My journey:

​I know how behavioral change

It is a challenging and demanding thing.

And how even though life is so busy we still want to find time to invest in ourselves.

And that is why I cannot remain indifferent to the situation, I feel that I must share as much as possible of the knowledge and experience that I have gained and help as many people as possible to live in inner peace and contentment.

So first of all I want to give you

Free access to my exercise routine:

Free Your Body 2.0

A sequence of strengthening, flexibility and movement awareness exercises that have been specifically adapted to be as concise and accurate as possible.

I have been building and designing this special routine for over 5 years!

Most of my friends and family members are office workers and don't have the time or knowledge to invest too much in movement, so I wanted them to be able to enjoy the fruits even with a symbolic but effective and focused effort!

20 minutes every day is enough to go on a positive journey for ourselves and that's exactly what the routine offers :)

Free and free access to the routine

Free Your Body 2.0

In addition, I have a few places left

for an efficient and focused personal escort process

which I save for special occasions.

Most people if they want to can solve the

Most pains with little investment on their part,

But I know that like me there are other people who without a specific and personal intention may get lost and continue to suffer.

And I'm not interested in that!

That's why I decided to allow the last 3 people to come to personal meetings with me in Tel Aviv.

In the meetings we will combine everything:

Contact therapy, physical and mental training

With the aim of sidestepping the problem and the imbalance from all directions (holistic) and thus advance to a better life in a healthy, aesthetic and more balanced body!

to coordinate a meeting
and more information

Citrus Fruits

Treatment to prevent pain

The human body is a wonderful system of attractive forces (muscles) and levers (bones) that work in synergy and harmony with the rest.

Going out of balance will lead to strain, such as fathers and injuries.

The benefits of treatment
✅ Immediate pain relief

✅ Rehabilitate injuries
✅ Improvement in
the movement company's shoes
✅ Inner balance: security, release and emotional peace

The treatment includes:

Contact therapy : deep tissue, fascia manipulations, stretching and more

✅ Cups of spirit

✅ Kinesio taping

✅ Breathing exercises and awareness

Treatment is customized based on:

The physical condition, the history and the existing lifestyle.

As You Sow

So Shall Your Reap

FITHOOD-Daniel (2)_edited_edited.jpg

before (2021)

After (2023)

To schedule a meeting and more information

"Legs" training ( posture)

A unique training designed to tighten and refine the movement axes of the body and posture.

"That's not what I do,

This is how I do it."

We will learn to make the movements precise and gather the body in a balanced way into the movement so that stability and physical efficiency will improve.

In each training we will combine many worlds:

Core, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and more.

Each of us has a slightly different lifestyle and posture, so each workout will be adjusted personally and precisely to the given physical condition and personal goal.

Free Your Body


Your Mind Will Follow

To schedule a meeting and more information


Breathing and meditation

To make a change in life

We need to stop

and see ourselves,

observe and contain this thing

that we wish to change,

Then choose how to respond:

to respond with awareness, intention and choice,

Respond from a new point of view:

Design Your Perspective​


Reprogram Your Life Story

At the meetings we will talk, get to know each other and share,

And we will harness the human tools to our advantage:

Breathing ⋆ meditation ⋆ and thinking

with the aim of making our lives more precise and enriching

In peace, laughter and love.

Your Mind

Is Your Own Limit


To schedule a meeting and more information




177 Ben Yehuda Street, Tel Aviv

and online too


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