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The power of breathing

We breathe about 20,000 breaths a day, they should be good with us.

Breathing directly and indirectly affects the quality and quality of life experience:

  • The quality of peace and physical and mental calm

  • Physical health and the ability for cell regeneration

  • The quality of food absorption and the level of physical energy

  • Spinal stability and pain prevention

  • Practicing mindfulness meditation and connecting to ourselves


Who is the workshop suitable for?

What do you learn in the workshop?

  • Introduction to the perception of reality of man and the inner experience of life

  • Breathing as an intuitive, effective and simple tool for everyday application:

    • Practice breathing to calm the physiology and balance the nervous systems

    • Breathing practice that will give stability and security to the spine and body

    • Practice breathing to increase your daily energy

  • Tips and guidance for a well-being lifestyle 

  • Anyone who wants to bring up the daily serenity in his life

  • People who have difficulty falling asleep and sleeping at night

  • Anyone interested in improving his immune and digestive systems

  • Those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks

  • Employees in positions that accompany loads and dead-lines

  • People who suffer from an unbalanced posture

  • Warm-tempered and short-tempered people

  • Anyone who wants to improve their personal life experience

For ordering private workshops

Interested in a private workshop for you and your friends or family?

Leave details and we will contact you for coordination (:

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