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Design Your Ice

Water Clinic כפר שמריהו

Life is like the weather

What is inside and what is outside

They are two different things.

What it means?

Sometimes it's cold...

Sometimes unpleasant...

But in the end, how I relate to this "unpleasant"

And especially how I use the abilities I have inside

as coping manipulation

Will change the whole experience.

It's that the experience is not pleasant

And my instinct is to run away...

Not saying that's what I have to do.

In the upcoming workshop e  

We're going

Breaking the Ice! (Literally)

Design Your Ice


As the ice and the mind have expired

In the empowerment workshop and upgrading the life experience!

join us

and get practical tools for better coping

with challenges and achieving goals in life.

Our team of facilitators


Daniel Maksimov

Mindfulness, breathing, posture and movement

Daniel Maksimov, Ninja Israel finalist, one of the leaders of the wellness approach in Israel, sports therapist, fitness trainer, coach and leader of breathing and mindfulness workshops in Israel and around the world.

specializes in balancing physical posture and acts as a mentor in the wellness method for a better, happier and healthier life.

28 113_edited.jpg

Ronnie Leaf

Hydrotherapist for about 18 years. Mental coach for athletes and businessmen.
Free diver, the first Puccivoli actress in Israel.
Entrepreneur and trailblazer in the field of opening Wellness centers in Israel and around the world (Africa, Portugal, Brazil, Hungary, Boom Festival).
Owner of a boutique clinic for water treatments -

Water Clinic.

Advantages of the workshop

  • Strengthening willpower and motivation

  • Upgrading the abilities of attention, concentration and focus of thinking

  • Inner liberation and elevation of mood

  • Physical connection and better control of physical abilities

  • Reducing pain and strengthening the immune system

  • Improving sleep quality and increasing daily energy

what's in plan ?

  • Gathering and setting goals and intentions - a dream, a goal

  • A deep breathing session - the power of breathing: warm-up, hyperventilation, Pranayama

  • A meditation and mental strengthening session

  • Sounds with healing frequencies

  • Exposure and dealing with cold and ice

  • Heated pool and bush

  • Summary and application of the tools for everyday life

  • The workshop is not suitable for those who suffer

  • Epilepsy

  • Cardiac diseases

  • open wounds

  • Pregnant women

  • Participation in the workshop is conditional on filling out a health declaration


Cancellation Policy

Up to two weeks in advance, a 50% cancellation fee for the workshop will be charged,

Cancellation at a later date will be charged at full cost.

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