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Selina Beit Oren retreat
Selina Beit Oren retreat
Design Your Perspective
Feb 16, 2023, 1:00 PM – Feb 18, 2023, 2:00 PM
Beit Oren,
Kibutz Beit-Oren Mount Carmel, Beit Oren, 3004400, Israel

20,000 breaths a day and each one counts!

Video tutorial series and free shipping


Meet the Mindful Whistle

The proven way to peace in 4 breaths


The real secret to a happy life

Resides in the actions we do, and in the balance that accompanies them.

The more we act out of awareness,  

That way our lives will be full of compassion, love and happiness for what is.


The bamboo breath is a tool that helps us connect to ourselves through breathing,

And thus overcome its effects  Of the modern period,

When it comes to stress, stress, anxiety, addictions, sleep problems and more.

A Simple and Effective Way to Relax

The easy and effective way to relax




Repeat 4 rounds



Exhale through the bamboo for 8 seconds




for 7 seconds




Inhale through the nose
for 4 seconds

The Benefits of Properly Breathing

Bamboo breathing is the easy and effective way to relax

Calm Down and Stress Relief

Thanks to proper breathing we can activate the growth system 

(Parasympathetic nervous system),

And thus calm the heart rate and blood pressure,

Infuse calm, and hence have a positive effect on thoughts and general feeling.

Raising the daily energy

Staying in an unnecessarily survival situation,

Increases heart rate, blood pressure, muscle alertness, presence of bothersome thoughts and more.

Proper breathing reduces the unnecessary use of survival mechanisms and navigates this energy for development and growth, thus contributing to the increase in daily energy.

במבו הנשימה הדרך להעלאת האנרגיה היומית
Breathing bamboo - improves attention and concentration

Streamlining attention and focusing thinking

In a state of stress the body activates the survival mechanism and as a result the attention and focus of thinking are scattered and put us into over-alertness and anxiety.

Proper breathing signals to the body that there is no need to exercise  The survival mechanism, and actually allows us to calm our thinking and return to navigating the attention and concentration of our choice.

Improving sleep quality

Sleep is a sensitive condition in terms of the living creature's sense of security, so if we want to fall asleep easily we must make sure that the body feels safe and peaceful.

Proper breathing signals to the nervous system that the survival mechanism is not required and one can relax and go into sleep mode.

במבו הנשימה - שיפור איכות השינה

Mia Kramer- 
Yoga instructor and alchemist

The bamboo stick is on me at all times. It reminds me to pause & breath and calms my mind emotions and body. I use it in meditation, when I'm driving, walking, and working from my computer.

Yuval Keren.jpeg

Yuval Keren -

Actress and tennis coach

The bamboo reminds me that in every good moment,

Or less well - I have me first.

I can breathe, take a moment,

Fill all the cells with fresh air,

And respond better to any situation.


Doriel Koblenz -

Fitness trainer and yoga instructor

I enjoy the bamboo because I can use it at any given moment.

No matter what the situation, I always remember to take a deep breath and be present.

  • What is the respiratory bamboo?
    The breathing bamboo is a simple, intuitive and effective tool that helps us connect back to ourselves through breathing and thus overcome the negative effects of the modern era in regards to stress, stress, anxiety, addictions, sleep problems and more. By means of a slow exhalation that is easily produced through the respiratory bamboo, we manage to calm the survival nervous system (sympathetic) and encourage the activation of the growth system (parasympathetic), thereby bringing the body, head and mind to a more pleasant and peaceful state within a few minutes.
  • Why do I need the Breathing Bamboo?
    The modern environment is characterized by an excess of thoughts and as a result stress, stress and mental and physiological pressure is born. At the nervous level, there is an overuse of the sympathetic nervous system (the survival system): which raises blood pressure and heart rate, turns off the immune and digestive systems, produces survival thoughts and turns off bodily cell regeneration mechanisms. The breathing bamboo creates a simple and intuitive opportunity to return each and every one of us to a neutral and balanced nervous system through correct and conscious breathing.
  • What is the advantage of using the breathing bamboo?
    This is a really good question, our breathing works intuitively and automatically The problem is that most people don't remember to breathe everyday The breathing bamboo In principle, breathing exists in the arsenal of tools that each and every one of us has at any given moment, therefore the great importance is in being able to breathe at the right moments. The breathing bamboo is a unique piece of jewelry that allows us to raise the breath to awareness more often in the important real moments when the intuitive breath is cut off. The unique structure of the breathing bamboo, a narrow and long structure, allows to produce slow and regulated breathing which directly affects the nervous systems in the body and their function.
  • How soon will I feel the effect?
    The positive effect on sedation can occur within minutes. A slow exhalation of about a few seconds that will be repeated between 3-5 rounds will produce the essential change in the functioning of the body, head and mind. Take a deep breath through your nose for 4 seconds Hold your breath for 3-7 seconds Exhale gently for about 8 seconds through the breathing bamboo until completely empty Repeat the sequence for at least 3-5 rounds.
  • How do you actually use the breather?
    Take a deep breath through your nose Hold your breath for 3-7 seconds Exhale gently for about 8 seconds through the breathing bamboo until completely empty Repeat the sequence for at least 4 rounds.
  • How long should the exhalation be?
    In order to encourage the change in the nervous function of the body and to reduce the action of the survival system (sympathetic), one must exhale a slow and regulated breath for about 8 seconds and thus activate the growth system (parasympathetic). It is advisable to repeat the operation for at least 4 rounds.
  • What is the breathing bamboo made of?
    The breathing bamboo is made of 100% natural bamboo, without other chemical substances or additives, non-toxic, meets the requirements of the European standard, pleasant to use and to touch in the mouth
  • From what age can the breathing bamboo be used?
    In principle, there is no specific prevention for use at any age, but attention should be paid to the maturity of use and caution against swallowing and suffocation, therefore it is recommended for use from the age of 8 and older.
  • Can the breathing bamboo help in quitting smoking?
    To be honest, when we developed the Breathing Bamboo we did not think of it as a product that could specifically help to quit smoking, but we were surprised to discover in a short time that an increasing number of users of the Breathing Bamboo were able to quit smoking. They testify that breathing bamboo produces an experience that is very similar to the experience of smoking, only without the negative side effect associated with it, in fact, stopping smoking has become stopping breathing. The breathing bamboo is a tool that resembles a cigarette in shape and feel and gives an experience……..
  • Is the breathing bamboo noisy?
    The bamboo is not noisy - you can feel or hear the sound of the slow blowing through the bamboo
  • Is the bamboo water resistant?
    Yes, the bamboo is water resistant.
  • How can the breathing bamboo be cleaned?
    It's the simplest there is! Can be washed with water and easy internal cleaning with an ear stick.

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