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Site Terms - Terms of Use and Contract

Welcome to the Baby Smart e-commerce site Ltd. (hereinafter the "Site").

Use of the Site and the purchase on this Site are subject to the terms of use and engagement set forth in these Terms and Conditions. When entering the site and before making a transaction for the purchase of a product and / or submitting a bid for the purchase of any product and / or service, you are asked to read carefully the conditions listed below, which constitute a binding legal basis for any presentation, commitment and / or engagement made through this site. The terms and conditions set forth below apply to all information, representations, goods and services displayed on this site, unless otherwise expressly stated.

Everyone who performs an action on the site is fully aware and agrees to the site's rules and rules of participation on the site, and he agrees that he or anyone on his behalf will not have any claim or claim against the site owners and / or operators, and / or anyone on their behalf other than allegations of breach of The owners of the site and / or its operators.


Baby Smart Ltd. is a website that runs a virtual shopping center intended for the public who surf the Internet in Israel. The site combines the option to purchase products and / or other services offered on the site at attractive prices while saving a lot of money.


According to the terms of the company

The site operates as a body in itself and the prices that appear on it are for purchase only through it.

“Site action” is any act of participating in the site or purchasing products / services offered for sale on the site in one of the accepted methods of participation and purchase on the site.

Anyone who performs an action on the site declares that he has read the site's rules and rules of participation and that he is aware of the site's rules and rules of participation, and he agrees with everything stated in the site's rules and rules and declares that he or anyone on his behalf Or its operators, other than allegations related to the breach of explicit obligations of the site owners or its operators in violation of these Terms and Conditions of Participation.

Authorized to take action on the site

Any person and / or corporation and / or other legal entity with legal capacity, may perform an action on the site provided that all of these conditions have been met cumulatively:

The performer of the action on the site is a legal entity capable of committing itself to the obligations arising from the performance of actions on this site.

The operator of the site is a resident of the State of Israel with a valid identity card, or a company legally incorporated and registered with the Registrar of Companies in Israel or a partnership legally registered with the Registrar of Partnerships in Israel.

The operator of the transaction is a valid credit card holder, who belongs to one of the credit card companies authorized to operate in Israel, and who has been issued in Israel or has explicit permission from the holder of this card to perform the transaction on the website.

The operator of the site has an e-mail box (e-mail address) on the Internet and that any message sent to this mailbox by the operators of the site will be considered as a message received immediately by the operator.

Without derogating from the above, it is hereby clarified that the approval of the transaction by the credit card company through which the participant undertook to make the purchase constitutes a necessary precondition for the execution of the transaction and its validity.



User details

When performing the operation on the site, the participant will be required to enter the following details into the system: ID / HF, first name, last name, name, company, telephone, locality, zip code, e-mail, and payment details.

Submitting false personal information is a criminal offense. Legal action will be taken against submitters of false details, including tort claims for damages that may be caused to Baby Smart Ltd.

What are the products and services offered for sale on the site

The site will offer products / services in varying quantities and different types and in the ways listed above, at the sole choice and discretion of Baby Smart Ltd.

Alongside any product / service offered on the site, or in other publications or at the site's customer service, the following details will appear or be displayed for the benefit of all interested parties: a photograph of the product / service, as far as the product / service and illustration purposes only; The technical specifications and description of the product / service; The nominal price of the product, in a regular sale; Method of purchase, participation fee, if any; Additional payments, if any, specific to the product / service.

It is hereby clarified that it is not necessary that the details listed above appear in any location on the site where a service / product is offered, nor on the site at all, and that some of these details will be made known to the person requesting them at the site's customer service.

Baby Smart Ltd. reserves the exclusive right at any time to add or subtract products and services from the number of products / services offered for sale on the site, as well as determine the quantity of products, the purchase price, the purchase method and the participation fee or additional payments, if any. Service.

Baby Smart Ltd. recommends that the operators of the operations on the site check the market price before performing operations on the site and submitting any purchase offers, and not rely solely on the price list price.

A site operator can purchase, in a regular or auction, an unlimited number of products / services, subject to the amount of product / service offered on the site.

When submitting a bid, the operator of the site will be required to provide the system with the following details: ID card or social security number, first and last name or company name, telephone number, fax number, residential street, house number and apartment number, residential locality name, zip code, E-mail address and payment details.

In the event of incorrect typing of the bid data (including the personal details of the bidder), the site owners reserve the right to disqualify the sale.

The details of the operation on the website, including the details of the purchase offer and the details of the operation, will be transmitted via an encrypted security protocol of the SSL type to the data processing computer of Baby Smart Ltd.

Only the details of the transaction carried out on the website, including the details of the purchase offer and the details of the transaction, will be used internally on the website. These details will not be passed on by the site owners and operators to external parties, except to the credit card company.

For any transaction on the site that has made a transaction on the site (when a "transaction" will be considered a winning auction or placing an order in a regular sale, and the transaction date will be considered the closing date of the auction or the order date, as applicable), the right to cancel the transaction in writing, according to the following conditions:

(1) in the product - from the date of the transaction until fourteen days from the date of receipt of the product;

(2) In service - within fourteen days from the date of the transaction, provided that such cancellation is made at least two business days (other than Saturday evenings, holidays or days off), prior to the date on which the service is to be provided.

The provisions of this section shall not apply to lossy products / services; if the date set for the provision of the service applies within seven days, other than rest days, from the date of the transaction; Information as defined in the Computers Law, 5755-1995; Products / services manufactured specifically for the consumer following the transaction; Products / services that can be recorded, copied or reproduced, that the consumer has opened their original packaging;

For these products / services there will be no right of cancellation.

Cancellation of a transaction will only be made by written notice, by e-mail, which will reach Baby Smart Ltd. no later than the dates specified above.

In the event that the product is provided for the operation, the obligation to return the product to the resellers' warehouses applies to the operation on the site, unless the transaction was canceled due to a defect in the product or their non-compliance with details provided on the site or by the site's customer service; If the value of the product has decreased as a result of a significant deterioration in its condition, such as if the product has been used, the operator of the site will sue Baby Smart Ltd. or the marketer, as the case may be, for the decrease in value of the product, upon request.

For the avoidance of doubt, it will be clarified that cancellation of a transaction not in the manner and on the dates described above will not be valid and the transaction operator will be liable and responsible for it.



Payment rules

The sale on the website is made by credit card only. Prices are in shekels and include VAT as required by law. Payment by credit card is subject to the terms of the credit company. The product will be delivered only if the payment for it has been received in full. Credit card details can be provided by telephone to a service representative.

The operator will be charged for the product / service he purchased. Payment will be made immediately.

For purchases on a payment route, in accordance with the payment terms published on the website, the bank account of the person performing the transaction will be charged by credit card, in accordance with the terms of purchase published on the website for each product / service.

In the event that the operator delays his payments for two or more payments, Baby Smart Ltd. may make the balance of the payments immediately payable.

Information security and privacy

The site staff takes reasonable precautions to maintain, as far as possible, the confidentiality of the information. The data transfer on the site is encrypted using SSL technology. Any transfer of a credit card number from the site  Is done in an encrypted manner according to the standard. After debiting the order, all the details of the customer's means of payment are deleted from the databases. In cases beyond its control or due to force majeure, the store will not be liable for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct caused to the customer

Or on his behalf, if this information is lost or reaches a hostile party and / or is used without permission.

The store undertakes not to use the customer details registered on the site, but only for the needs of the site's operation, and in order to enable the purchase to be made.




Delivery time and deliveries

  The price is according to the shipping price stated on the website, on the product page.

Delivery time is as stated on the product page. The specified number of days refers to business days only (Sundays-Thursdays and does not include holidays and public holidays), from the moment the product is ordered and provided that the order has been approved and paid in full. If a particular product is out of stock, a replacement product will be offered.

If stated in the order form Self-collection -  This can be done by prior arrangement on the company phone.

The warranty for the products and services sold on the site

All products and services offered for purchase within the site are completely new, given in their original packaging, and enjoy all the terms of warranty and service accepted during normal business and provided by the commercial companies that manufacture, import or market the same products and services to buyers of the same product / service, unless stated Explicitly otherwise.

Additional conditions

All prices displayed on the website include VAT.

Delivery time is 14 business days. If the product is in stock.

In any case in which, due to force majeure and / or other circumstances beyond Baby Smart Ltd.'s control and which are not due to its actions or omissions, and as a result the site owners or operators will be unable to manage the purchase of products and services within the site as standard, site owners and operators may Cancel the contract with the buyers, in whole or in part.

"Force majeure" in this section means factors or events that are not under the control of the site that will prevent or delay the operation of the site or the supply of products / services, including, and without prejudice to, computer faults, telephone system faults or other communication systems. Sabotage or of an unusual security incident.

If there are changes in the tax rates or levies that apply to products / services offered on the site, which enter into force legally between the date of publication of the product and the planned delivery date - Baby Smart Ltd. or anyone on its behalf may cancel the actions performed on the site (in whole or in part).

In these cases, and only in them, and notwithstanding the above, Baby Smart Ltd. will return to the operator of the operation that canceled any amount paid by him.

In the event of an error, in good faith, in the description of a particular product / service (in its price, in the terms of payment, in the quantity of products or services offered for sale or in any other figure), Baby Smart Ltd. or anyone on its behalf may cancel the particular purchase transaction for which the error occurs, Baby Smart Ltd. will not be liable to the perpetrator of the transaction with which the transaction was canceled.

The site makes deliveries within the country only.

The images displayed on the website are for illustration purposes only, and do not obligate Baby Smart Ltd.






Intellectual Property

Trademark "Baby Smart Ltd."  And the domain name are the exclusive property of the company and all other marks found on the site are the trademarks of their owners' property, as the case may be.

Icons (ICONS) All information and / or display appearing on the site, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, trademarks, logos, including their editing and display on the site, are the sole property of the store and / or anyone on its behalf.

. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish or otherwise use the content appearing on the site, unless prior written consent has been given by Baby Smart Ltd.

The store's computer records regarding the actions performed through the site will constitute prima facie evidence of the correctness of the actions.


The store is aware of the sensitivity involved in operating a sales site on the website, and therefore the store takes care to manage the site carefully, skillfully, and in a controlled manner.

There is complete documentation of every sale made on the site.

Customer Service

For various inquiries and additional information, you can contact the representatives of the customer service department of Baby Smart Ltd. via e-mail:


Or by phone 08-9316288 / 08-9316299

Sunday-Thursday between 10.00 in the morning and 16.00

Or at the address: P.O. 259 Nir Zvi

Place of judgment

The local jurisdiction in any matter and dispute will be given exclusively to the competent court in Tel Aviv

Privacy & Safety
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