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the inner world

Meditation and breathing

Practice group with Daniel Maximov

The art of listening and regaining control of our attention, concentration and energy navigation

It is more critical than ever!

The 21st century is characterized by impulsivity, stress and pressure, addictions, pessimism, sleep problems and the list goes on...

"The human mind is a wandering mind,

And the wandering mind is an unhappy mind.

The ability to think about what is not happening in the given moment is a mental feat that comes with an emotional price. "

From the research of:   Matthew A Killingsworth et al. Sci ence . 2010

It's time to dive into the inner world, learn about ourselves and row back to the balance that will yield peace, optimism and lasting happiness.

Hi, my name is Daniel Maximov

In the last 15 years I have been researching, learning and practicing many methods and approaches to restore balance to the body, mind and emotions:

I studied sports therapy, fitness training, mindfulness, psychology and NLP.

And now I want to invite you to a unique practice group:

the inner world

In the meetings we will talk, get to know, share and harness the human tools:

Breathing ⋆ meditation ⋆ and thinking

With the aim of making our lives more precise and enriching with peace, laughter and love.


To make a change we need to stop and look at ourselves from the side,

Observe and contain the thing and then choose

to respond with awareness and intention,

react from a new point of view.

Design Your Perspective​


Reprogram Your Life Story

Registration and costs

joining the group

Get to know the system

the autonomic nerves

The autonomic nervous system regulates the normal activity of vital human processes: heart rate, blood pressure, the digestive and immune systems, and more.

The system is divided into two subsystems:

The sympathetic system

"fight or flight"

The parasympathetic system

"rest and digest"

Many studies have proven that through meditation and breathing practices it is possible to take back the internal control over our nervous system and thus regulate the "animal" and automatic reactions to which we may be drawn without our attention.

In fact, thanks to focused practice, we return to being the owners of our own house, our energy and our future!

Registration and costs

joining the group

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