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To our nature

The breathing bamboo is a simple and intuitive tool to use,

Made from 100% natural bamboo.

The bamboo centers into it the deepest meaning that the importance of breathing and its effects has on our experience of life as human beings.

Get to know Daniel

  Hi, I'm Daniel Maximov.

I am a therapist and trainer who specializes in balancing and rehabilitating physical posture, and conducting workshops and lectures on mindfulness, breathing and wellness.


As a teenager I suffered from nervous breakdowns and extreme anger, broke objects and pushed children up the stairs.

Many times I reacted with physical violence out of a sense of self-defense and inner fear (a kind of survival mechanism).

One of the times I especially remember was when my mother asked a question - a question that greatly changed my life


"Do you enjoy reacting like that angrily?"

Her question made me look inward and realize that I did not enjoy the reaction and the anger. From here with no prior intention, I set out to find ways to relax and bring myself into a state of inner calm and serenity. I was looking for a different experience and a more enjoyable way to live my life.



My discovery

One of the first things I discovered, and thanks to which I was able to change as a person and overcome the angers and impulsive reactions, was the understanding that the human body is composed and functions through the autonomic nervous system, which is divided into two subsystems: ​


  • The sympathetic nervous system - the survival system.

  • The parasympathetic nervous system - the system responsible for growth, calmness and balance.

Both systems control and dictate:

  • Heart rate and blood pressure

  • Rhythm and depth of respiration

  • A survivable or fertile thinking mechanism

  • Turning the digestive system on or off

  • Turning the immune system on or off ​

In fact, the above systems operate completely independently


And manage our physical and neurological essence as human beings:

What will we feel? How will we feel? How do I act? How do we respond?


From here the conclusion was very simple.

  If I'm constantly angry (under stress),  

I am constantly in a state of survival.

  A condition in which the sympathetic nervous system works excessively, and unnecessarily.

the solution

The next important thing I discovered is that we have a way around this, and directly affect the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system - the growth system.

Through proper breathing, and with an emphasis on slow and regulated exhalation, we can reduce the functioning of the survival system

And encourage the internal growth and balance system:

  • Calming the tip of the heart and lowering blood pressure back to the natural norm

  • Activation of the digestive and immune systems

  • Sedation and reduction of survival thinking

  • Improving the internal experience for the positive


From here the path to a more peaceful and relaxed inner experience thanks to breathing practice and meditation was easy and pleasant.


The bamboo breath is a simple and intuitive tool to use, which centers into it the deep meaning of the importance of breathing and its effects on our experience of life as human beings.


One conscious breath is enough to change the inner experience for the better.

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